Andrea Tomba

Real Estate

Investing and conducting business in a foreign country is usually a quite daunting thought, no matter how much experience you may have in your own country.

Whether local or from abroad, it is always a relief to know that you have somebody with local know how and his finger on the local pulse to oversee your negotiations, or to find you the right property for your project.

In a place where on many occasions an agent can act on both the seller’s and the purchaser’s behalf, which we have always found to be a conflict of interest, we will act purely on your behalf, representing you and your interests alone, whether sourcing a property for you directly from the owner or dealing with local real estate agents.

If you are considering a real estate purchase in Baja, make sure everything is done right by allowing us to work for you and supervise the transaction. Our only interest is representing you in a real estate transaction that is safe, solid and secure.

For this same reason, if you are looking for a partner to help you sell and market your development in Baja, or turn your project from a dream drawn on the back of a napkin to a reality, we can help to make your project, however big or small, a success.