Andrea Tomba

Passion for Baja

It is very hard for people who haven't experienced Baja up close & personal themselves to really get their head wrapped around it. In some terms, perhaps Baja isn't for everyone, because it is so much more than just a place, than breathtaking beaches and stunning desert landscapes. Baja is a way of life, a funnel for all your sentiments and feelings, as it seems to accentuate not only life, but true living room. Since Andrea first arrived in La Paz in 1994, he was absorbed by its beauty and allure, and in return, absorbed himself in Baja.

It would be pretty fair to say that Andrea spent many of his first years... under water. He explored many new dive sites in the area and trained many of the instructors and dive masters that are sharing their knowledge of the area today.

From Scuba Diving, Andrea found a new challenge and passion ( for him!) in freediving spearfishing, and again, totally embraced this discipline, guiding several world champions to spear world records including Amberjack, Wahoo, Black Marlin, Rooster Fish to name a few, and also set up and ran several WORLD CUP events in and around La Paz.

His first independent adventure company DeSea Baja allowed Andrea to continue these passions, as well as organize top end yacht charters and live-aboards, whilst also finding a vehicle to share his passion for Off Road racing and the Baja desert.

Andrea then elaborated on the Off Road tours, by first becoming a guide for the renown Wide Open Baja Race company, before becoming their manager in Southern Baja, as well as guide, where he not only covered over 20,000 miles per year in Baja trails, not including his own racing, but where his knowledge and contacts allowed him to set up logistics for the company.

Although Andrea has found Baja a place that offers an incredible quality of life, he never gets far away from his roots, as he continues to stay involved in real estate in one form or another. He always has a keen eye for opportunities, as well as consulting businesses or purchasers in their projects, land purchase or search.

Few people have had the opportunity to travel so extensively in Baja, and to meet so many locals from all the social scales as Andrea has. I welcomes the opportunity to get more involved and is always looking for new challenges, both personally and professionally!